For total relaxation, place an order from the room service menu and enjoy breakfast in bed, lunch on the balcony, or a cozy supper a deux from the comfort of your easy chairs.

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Matt John & Friends @ 12 turn 13 2/11/06
   with Matt John 85.35
   with Camea 60.58
   with Shaun Reeves & Miss Fitz 111.00
New Years Eve 12/31/2005
   with Derek Plaslaiko 114.40
BAP 01/11/2005
   with John Tejada  
   with DJ Spinoza 33.45
   with Wolf + Lamb 50.15
Burning Man Dex Inauguration 08/30/2005
   with DJ Spinoza 65.34
   with Wolf + Lamb 71.43
Out of Gas Playa Tour 09/02/2005
   with Wolf + Lamb 62.09

the Marcy Lamb Burger
Hand-patted burger with onion, tomato and French fries
   with Cheese   +2.00
   with Virginia bacon   +1.00
   Plain   11.50
Chesapeake Bay-Style Crabcake Sandwich
Griddled crabcake with caper mayonnaise, served on a croissant
Turkish Kufte Club Sandwich
With basil mayonnaise on focaccia bread, served with French fries
Cavatappi Pasta
With steamed mussels and clams, roasted shallot and garlic in white wine broth

Wild Salmon
in Horseradish Crust, Ragout of Short Ribs and Rock Shrimp, Herb Spatzle
North Atlantic Turbot
in Miso Glaze, Sesame-Scented Wolf Risotto, Spinach Coulis
Michele Bianco's Spaghetti Carbonara
Wild Boar Pancetta and Two-Hour Slow-Cooked Onions, in a rich Egg and Butter Sauce
Seared Filet of Chilean Sea Bass
Wrapped in Potato, Feta-Ricotta Ravioli, Fresh Herb Sauce
Roasted Colorado Rack of Lamb
Hickory-Smoked Whipped Potato, Roasted Garlic-Mint Jam
Truffle Crusted Black Angus Strip Loin
with Beef Shank Croquette, Natural Jus
Selection of Farm Fresh Cheeses 16.00

Mango Opaline, Coconut Cream, Raspberry Sauce, Mango Sorbet 12.20
Anjou Pears with Black Currant Sorbet, Five-Spice Meringue 12.00
Chocolate Souffle Cake Crispy cake outside, velvet volcano of melted chocolate inside, served with Serano 12.20
Chocolate Pot de Crème, Champagne Sorbet, Warm Madeleine 16.00
Tropical Fruit Salade, Mixed Fruit Sorbet, Wolfe Tuile 22.00
French Room Cheese Cake, Port Reduction, Fig Ice Cream 12.00
Soft Drinks, Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice 2.00
Coffee, Tea, Cappucino 4.00
Wine Call

8.5% sales/meals tax. 18% gratuity.
Room service delivery charge of $3.00 will be added.