Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Location truly is everything. Within walking distance of anything you'd want to do in Williamsburg, the Marcy New York is where the traveler's compass points. To the south there's the newly restored Michael White's Apartment. To the north you'll discover numerous galleries that couldn't make it to Chelsea, to the east, lacking menus in charming restaurants and to the west sorely overpriced vintage shoppes, mostly oblivious fashion criminals , criminals and much, much more.


Local Attractions

We've conveniently mapped out the key locations in our Williamsburg.
  1. E & C's
  2. Samurai Sushi
  3. Socks & Monya's
  4. Boogaloo
  5. Our Favorite Rice & Beans
  6. Site of Triple Homicide
  7. Luxx
  8. The Lesiure Mansion, keep your young away
  9. Pita Power, R.I.P.