Who's Thirsty?

Why not indulge your senses? Ever changing, you are bathed in unnatural light filtered from dim glass bulbs. Soaring ceilings, sheathed in silk-screened translucent fabrics, appear to sway in the gentle wind. A subtle earth tone palette, wood and stone elements, and a vibrant wall mosaic soothe your mind and stir your imagination.

Unwind near a warm fire*. Drift off to the hypnotic sound of the minimal flavor of the day. Savor a drink. Reflect on your day. Watch the story unfold before you. This is your Living Room....



2,000 square feet of swank modern spa and an over-the-top treatment menu that includes our famous facials, mesmerizing massages, and mind boggling body treatments. Opened in 2004, our second spa location** caters mainly to our indigenously uptown clientele (celebrities, supermodels, moms) by offering blackhead busting sleeping peels and anti-cellulite treatments alongside educational 'initiation facials' in a spiffy (and spic 'n spam) no attitude atmosphere. There's a reason for our reputation as new york's best spa, and it's certainlly not our massages! Metrosexuals make note: Men's locker rooms/showers are not available in our Marcy location.

* Fire not included
** Actually, this is our only location