21.12.12 San Diego, CA / Analog
22.12.12 San Francisco / Public Works
01.01.13 New York, USA / Crew Love NYE
18.01.13 Chicago , USA / Spybar
19.01.13 Houston, USA / Jet Lounge
05.01.13 Playa Carmen, Mexico / Mamitas
16.01.13 Cambridge, MA / Phoenix Landing
08.02.13 Mexico City, MX / Rioma
09.02.13 Miami, FL / Electric Pickle
28.03.13 London, UK / Loft Studios

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© 2012 Wolf + Lamb Records, New York
International Press / Maouris Agency
United States Press / Infamous PR
Published by Edition Wolf + Lamb / Freibank
Distributed by Word & Sound Medien, Germany

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Endangered Species is the eagerly awaited full-length album from Wolf & Lamb's musically virtuosic No Regular Play, a duo equally at home in the rehearsal rooms of Julliard as in the main room of Fabric.

Their debut album was made in early summer 2012, exclusively in the studio of New York City's Marcy Hotel. Over the course of 11 elegantly interlaced tracks, Greg Paulus and Nicholas DeBruyn create a veritable cornucopia of beautiful forms. A steaming hothouse of closed high-hats, rife with the plaintive, fluttering bird-calls of Paulus's inimitable trumpet lines, and u`napologetically organic throughout, Endangered Species is as shape-shifting as nature itself.

Endangered Species also includes guest spots from close friends Carolina Sevilla and Lisa Bauer on opening track "Birdfeathers." Alex Scherber, A.K.A. John Camp contributes additional keys on "Birdfeathers" and the title track, "Endangered Species". "The Answer" features vocals and piano from Eliot Cardinaux, a fellow alumnus of Greg's from the Manhattan School of Music.